Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy Theoretical Thursday!

Week 3 - of me reading Einstein's RELATIVITY the special and the general theory a clear explanation that anyone can understand. 

Is anyone still out there?  In chapter 4 we discuss the law of inertia -- a body (removed from other bodies ie gravity) moves in a uniform straight line.  Got it.
But stars move in a giant circle.  So, we can't use Euclidian co-ordinates to measure them because the law of inertia does not apply.  So, if we must follow the law of inertia then we must use a different system -- we use a Galileian system of Co-ordinates.  There is no picture.  But I googled one and it seems pretty clear that I am coming to the end of my understanding.  But I've also come to the end of this very short chapter which is less than a page long.  I think Albert knew this next page turn would be rough.  So I'm out of here!

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