Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Storm of Words

I woke this morning to the sound of the generator, which means I can write today.  Yeah! What a better way to wait out a hurricane than with a flurry of words, great food, and no interruptions.  On Saturday, I    drove down to Highlights in Honesdale, PA for a four day writing retreat, not knowing what the impending storm would make of my plans.  As the winds picked up, and the news got more sensationalized, we decided to ditch the cabins and hole up in the Main house where the generator would kick on automatically, and where we wouldn't have to get our feet wet when we ventured out for meals.

Turned out to be a great plan.  Spent the entire day yesterday re-crafting a mid-grade novel, and when we needed a nosh, who should show up but a male model with a culinary degree. I kid you not! Jo Lloyd, you think of everything!

Oh, gotta go - he made omelettes.

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