Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A true story inside everyone

A new month and a new attempt to write here more often. Today I met with my critique group in Rochester, NY. While most of us are reading our fiction works for critique it is clear that we are also doing lots of research for those projects and could definitely write a nonfiction piece using that research. Will we? Who knows, but the opportunity is there.

Even if you are not a nonfiction writer, do you have a nonfiction article or book inside of you? What research did you do for your latest fictional project? Kids love to know the story behind the story. Let them know more about the historical event that you used as a backdrop for your historical fiction. Write a how-to about that little known craft that you had to look up to make your story accurate. Or write about your writing process that led you to publish the story you are so proud of.

There is a nonfiction story inside everyone. You just have to write it.

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  1. I appreciate that - I am truly hoping that it is true! I am just now beginning the journey to becomming a children's non-fiction author. It's what I loved as a child, I love telling stories and in particular find the real world every bit as fascinating as a fictional one. I love doing research and just completed an independent university degree requiring LOTS of writing for which I received high marks. Already know others in the biz since my wife is a PB author and illustrator - she knows the biz and has encouraged me, it's just hard to believe in one's self sometimes!