Thursday, December 17, 2009

Ice Fishing

Finally, it is snowing like a proper Christmas season. It had been so hard to get into the holiday mood with the dog tracking in mud several times a day. Now Lily just shakes off a few flakes and hops on the couch where I sit still fishing for a good story. But it is more like ice fishing. It is cold and nothing is biting.

This is a hard time to be without a distinct project. It is easy to get distracted by cookie baking and Christmas shopping. Perhaps it would be best to call it quits, enjoy the holiday and toss in my hook after the first of the year. It will give my brain a chance to mull over the half-formed ideas I already have. So if you see me out shoveling just remember that I'm still working. If I'm at the market -- still working. Walking the dog -- working. Napping -- working very hard.

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