Tuesday, February 3, 2009

True Confession

Hi, I knew that when I started this blog I would be writing in to the wind. So far no one has read what I have written. Rather than feel disappointed or abandoned, I feel liberated, free to write whatever I please. So I will confess -- I am writing a historical fiction novel and love it. Although I wanted to promote writing and reading nonfiction for children with this blog, I have felt like a hypocrite living in the fiction world for the last year.
But let me redeem myself. I have done just as much research for this story as I have for my nonfiction titles. The story takes place in Poland during WWII and is based on a true story , so I have been reading dozens of fascinating first person accounts of Jews and Gentiles who survived Nazi occupation, learning about the underground newspapers, what people ate, how they stayed warm, how they would address each other, what merchandise was sold on the black market and even how a Polish boy would repair a flat bicycle tire. And of course, I have been stashing away several ideas for nonfiction articles to write when I am done.

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